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Blog set-up, publishing & maintenance

My basic services include:

  • Blog installation & set up
  • Professionally designed template & layout
  • Host blog
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online & offline promotion
  • ‘How to blog’ handbook
  • Cyber publicity & search engine optimization
  • Never ending support and education to make certain your Internet marketing is effective - I do not walk away and wish you luck.

Additional services that have a big impact in enhancing a lawyer's reputation and improving search engine performance include:

  • My posting ‘Consumer friendly’ legal information in blog on regular basis, with content focused on lawyers area of practice. I have some of the better, if not the best, content covering:
    • Consumer law
    • Criminal law
    • Debt & bankruptcy
    • Divorce & child custody
    • Employment law
    • Immigration & greencards
    • Independent contractors
    • Internet law
    • Landlord & tenant
    • Lawsuits & mediation
    • Marriage & living together
    • Patents & trade secrets
    • Personal injury
    • Real estate
    • Retirement & eldercare
    • Small business
    • Taxes & audits
    • Trademarks & copyrights
    • Wills & estate planning

  • My regularly posting relevant news, legal updates & information in blog so that you become a trusted authority in your area of practice for the public, the media, colleagues and clients. Your blog becomes a 'news-wire' or the 'Associated Press' for your area of law and locale.

Why have a professional set up your blog?

Lawyers could figure out what blogs do for them, how to set them up, how to procure content so as to regularly update their blog, how to place content for ease of navigation & for search engine optimization and how to promote their blog so that is read by the public, the media, colleagues and clients. However, only a small percentage of lawyers, best labeled as early adopters of technology, take the time to learn how to do these things. It's even a smaller group of lawyers who continue to execute over time.

A lawyer's time is their stock in trade. For every hour we are not billing or being productive, it's hundreds of dollars lost. So being a lawyer for 17 years and having worked on the Internet for the last 6, I can offer real value if you want a dynamite way to market yourself in a dignified and cost effective manner.

Lawyers, as a profession, have an obligation to society to provide practical legal information when possible and to market themselves with pride & dignity. A professional blog done by me does both.

Drop me an email with any questions about my work and its costs.

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